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Auto Glass in Jacksonville, FL

The windshield is the most important features of a vehicle. It protects the driver from wind and debris and it ensures a safe and comfortable ride. However, damage to a windshield – even seemingly minor damage – impacts safety and comfort, and must be addressed immediately.

Contact Lee and Cates Glass for your windshield replacement. Jacksonville, FL, residents might even be eligible for a free replacement, but this depends on the depth and localization of the damage.  As well, many insurance companies offer free replacement; check your policy for details!

To be eligible for a free windshield replacement, Jacksonville FL, residents must have damages that meet the following criteria:

 Damage must be no larger than a quarter
 If the damage has a star, bulls-eye, half moon, or combination pattern, you are eligible for a free windshield replacement. 
 If the damage is limited to the outer layer of the laminated safety glass this will qualify you for a free replacement.

Remember, driving a vehicle that has a damaged windshield is illegal! You can get pulled over by the police and have a traffic citation issued to you. Why assume this risk?

Windshield Repair in Jacksonville, FL
If your windshield damage does not necessarily warrant a full blown replacement, you can still contact us for windshield repair. Jacksonville, FL, residents interested in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and safe to operate vehicle should consider having us remove any exterior damages to your windshield. 

This will guarantee your safety as well as the safety of others on the road. Don’t endanger your life with a chipped up windshield. Contact us for fast, affordable, and convenient windshield repair. If your car is not safe to drive because of windshield damage, don’t worry: we have mobile service also. 

Auto Glass Chip Repair in Jacksonville, FL
There are hundreds of reasons why a chip will form in a windshield. For many reasons, debris can hit windshields, forming chips that can seriously hinder a driver’s ability to see the road. If you need auto glass chip repair in Jacksonville, contact us. We have repaired large and small chips in thousands of vehicles. Whether you drive a brand new Maserati or an 88 Chevy, our skilled and professional team of auto glass specialists can handle your auto glass chip repair in Jacksonville. 

Auto Glass Replacement in Jacksonville, FL
In addition to windshield glass care, our team of professionals can handle any type of auto glass replacement – including interior glass fixtures, side view mirrors, and rear view mirrors in Jacksonville, FL. For more information on our approach to auto glass replacement, Jacksonville, FL residents are encouraged to contact one of our auto glass professionals. 

Auto Glass Repair in Jacksonville FL
No job is too big or too small for us. We gladly handle every make and model auto glass repair in Jacksonville. We have the tools, experience, and skill to make sure your next auto glass repair in Jacksonville is met to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. If your vehicle has a leaking sunroof, a shattered rear view window, a smashed windshield, or any other type of automotive glass damage, contact us today and learn how we can assist you.

If you're unable to drive your vehcile due to safety concerns, inquire about our mobile auto glass service

Auto, Mobile Auto Glass Replacement | Jacksonville & North Jacksonville, FL
Car, Mobile Auto Glass Replacement | Jacksonville & North Jacksonville, FL

Lee and Cates Glass provides auto glass repairs and replacements, including windshield replacement and repair, in Jacksonville, North Jacksonville,
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