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Custom Mirrors in Jacksonville, FL

Add dimension and beauty to your home with custom mirrors. Mirrors have both practical and functional purposes. Hang mirrors to add depth to a room; install a custom mirror to your bathroom; or create mirrored shelves for your living room. You can have whatever you want when you depend on our glass company.

As trained and highly experienced glaziers, we are able to customize our products to suit. Our team members have the skill and craftsmanship to create mirrors of various dimensions, sizes, and styles. Additionally, our glaziers use the most up-to-date technology available to seal mirror edges and ensure your new mirror lasts for generations.

Decorative Mirrors That Capture Attention

Do you want something more unique than an ordinary mirror on the wall? Get creative by using our team to design decorative mirrors. We work hand-in-hand with leading mirror manufacturers all around the country to provide our customers with the highest quality decorative mirrors available. Our mirrors are produced using a unique technique that utilizes two layers of glass protection.

The first layer prevents nicks, gouges, scratches, and abrasions and ensures that the glass retains its luster for years to come. The second layer reduces the chances of chemical damage from the back of the mirror. All of our decorative mirrors come with a five-year limited warranty that protects them against deterioration and contamination from this type of chemical penetration.

Expand Your Rooms with Mirrored Walls

Make your rooms look larger than life with mirrored walls. Our mirrors give the appearance of more space. They also add more light and extra ambiance to your rooms. If you are interested in making a room feel larger than it actually is, consider installing mirrored walls.

If your home has small rooms or rooms that require a more spacious feel, then contact our glass technicians for a free estimate. Allow us to provide a design consultation on site to determine your needs. We’ll provide creative solutions to your small-room problems. We have installed custom built and expertly crafted mirrored walls in residential and commercial properties.

Glass Replacement Specialists for Residential Mirrors

In addition to creating and installing high-quality custom mirrors, our knowledgeable glaziers also provide replacement services of residential mirrors. If your mirrors are cracked or tarnished, allow us to replacing them with decorative mirrors or any custom mirror of your choosing.

Custom Mirrors in Jacksonville, FL
Decorative Mirrors Jacksonville, FL

Why leave your home to look for mirrors? We make the process easy for you. Replacing the glass in a mirror is simple, because you won't have to shop, measure, or do anything. Simply call us and let us deal with the damage for you.

Mirrors for Any Room in Your House

You’ve painted the walls, added pictures, and changed your home décor. Yet, something is missing in your room. Try custom mirrors from our company. They’ll not only add more appeal to your living areas, but our decorative mirrors can be a focal point for your room. Whether you’d like a new mirror in your bathroom, your bedroom, or the living area, you can rely on us to customize a product to suit your needs.

If you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, it’s not you! It’s the mirror. Visit our showroom to browse a large selection of high-quality, unique products to suit your taste. We’re sure you’ll find something that dramatically improves your reflection. Best of all, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are ready to assist if you have questions.

Free Estimates for Our Services

Try before you buy. When you’re considering a new custom mirror, simply ask us to provide a free estimate. Once we determine your needs, we’ll quote a fair price that beats our competitor’s rates. Schedule an appointment with one of our sales associates today. We’ll be happy to provide the design assistance you need and create mirror that beautifies any room in your house.

Contact us for more information about our mirror design and installation services. We proudly serve customers in Jacksonville, Avondale, Southside, San Marco, and Callahan, FL, as well as the surrounding areas.