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Residential Glass company in Jacksonville, FLorida

Choose our residential glass company when you need reliable and professional window repair and replacement services. At our company, we provide our loyal customers with custom windows for any occasion, and we help you save money by installing insulated windows. Protect your home from the elements with our lovely and functional windows today!

Backed by more than five decades of glass industry experience, we are the area's leading glass expert, and we focus on high-quality workmanship for all our customers. Not only can we replace any size window, but we also provide glass services for any of the following residential needs:


 Glass Doors

Expert Window installation & replacement 

Leaving a broken window unrepaired is never a wise choice, because a broken window is an invitation for trouble. Criminals find it a weak point in your home or business's perimeter, and vermin can freely enter and make your home their own. You lose money through increased power bills, and the likelihood of further damages due to foul weather like wind and rain increases. In addition, broken windows are a violation of many homeowner policies.

Let our residential glass company help you with all the window repair and replacement services you need. We remain your fast and affordable glass company, and we employ a skilled and talented team of professional glaziers. Our experienced crew is ready to repair any damages to your basic, insulated, hurricane, or custom windows today!

need to replace windows in jacksonville, fl?
Change up the décor at your home or place of business with our window replacement services. Whether you need to replace a damaged window or you want to upgrade to a new style, we offer hassle-free solutions for all your window replacement needs.

No matter the type of window you need, our glaziers can install new windows of various styles and sizes to any residential property. From custom-designed and hurricane windows to certified glass and basic insulated double-paned windows, we’ve got you covered.

replacing insulated windows is our specialty
Condensation building up on your energy-efficient insulated windows can be bad news. One sure sign that you need to replace your insulated windows is when you notice condensation building up inside your double-paned glass windows. Condensation occurs because insulated pane windows have a layer of gas between the two panes that acts as an insulator and helps regulate indoor temperatures. 

However, after years of opening and closing, an insulated window becomes compromised, degrading the glass and causing the gas to leak out. This leads to water vapor entering the space between the two glass panes, causing fogging and streaking in the glass. The only way to correct foggy glass is to have your windows replaced.

let us provide the custom windows you need
Don't worry if your home has a unique layout, because we take special orders for any configuration you have in mind. We have the necessary skill and experience required to create beautiful and functional custom windows.

Whether you want to customize windows in your home or place of business, you can rely on our workmanship and efficiency for the fit you need!

Residential Glass, Window Repair | Jacksonville & North Jacksonville, FL
Windows, Window Repair | Jacksonville & North Jacksonville, FL

Contact Lee and Cates Glass for fast, affordable, and convenient window repairs in Jacksonville. We provide residential glass services to all of Jacksonville, North Jacksonville, Avondale, Southside, Downtown Jacksonville, San Marco, and Callahan, FL.