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Shower Glass in Jacksonville, FL

The shower is more than just a place to get clean. It's a place where we go to relax. However, a walk-in shower that has cracked or damaged glass will not be water tight which can cause water to leak onto your floor, which can create possible safety issues and preempt both cleaning and relaxation. If you've noticed any type of damages to your shower glass doors in Jacksonville, contact Lee and Cates Glass.
We provide installation, repair, and replacement for a variety of different types and styles of shower glass doors in Jacksonville. Contact us today and learn how we can get your showers looking brand new once again!.

Shower Glass, Shower Glass Doors | Jacksonville & North Jacksonville, FL

Shower Glass Enclosures in Jacksonville, FL
If increasing the attractiveness and overall beauty of your bathroom sounds appealing to you, contact us about our Jacksonville shower glass enclosures. Shower enclosures are functional  and are built to meet our customer's unique sensibilities and aesthetic preferences.

When installed, shower enclosures will match the décor of your bathroom and will improve comfort when taking a shower. A Jacksonville custom glass enclosure provides easier means of entering and exiting the bathing area, which is a godsend for people with mobility and balance issues. If you're ready to turn your plain bathroom into something beautiful, contact Lee and Cates Glass for your Jacksonville shower glass enclosures.

Custom Shower Enclosures in Jacksonville, FL
We take pride in our high quality custom shower enclosures in Jacksonville as well. Our custom shower enclosures are fabricated by us and installed to your specifications. We create the highest quality and most beautiful customer shower enclosures in Jacksonville. Contact us to get your custom built shower enclosure or feel free to contact our team of shower glass professionals with any questions you may have about our services.

If you are unsure about having a shower enclosure, consider these benefits:

 Shower enclosures protect the floors and walls. Unlike traditional shower curtains, shower enclosures contain water and prevent water from splashing onto
   the bathroom floor. A custom shower enclosure will ensure that your floors do not need additional maintenance work as a result of water damage and it
   eliminates the risk of slips and falls.
 Easy Maintenance. Cleaning a shower enclosure is no harder than cleaning any other type of mirror in your house. You won't need special products to
   effectively clean a shower enclosure and it will have very little maintenance requirements.
 Functional Style. Shower enclosures are modern and create a spacious feel that shower curtains can't replicate. 

Lee and Cates Glass provides its customers with high quality and durable shower glass doors in Jacksonville. We install custom built
glass shower doors to all of Jacksonville, including North Jacksonville, Avondale, Southside, Downtown Jacksonville, San Marco, and Callahan. FL.